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Only $20 per I-Ching Reading Consultation, conducted accurately and respectfully by an experienced practitioner.
(2 questions per session- please see below for payment options)

Chinese Gazebo

What is I-Ching?
I-Ching is a philosophical system often used as an oracle. Its accuracy is so uncanny at times that many claim it can fortell future events through unseen forces from the spirit world. At its core are the two opposing forces of Yang(strong, active, light), and Yin(weak, passive, dark). According to legend, I-Ching, or the Book of Changes, was laid down some 5,000 years ago by the sages of China during the reign of Chinese ruler Fu Hsi. About 2,000 years later, or roughly 1,000 years before Christ, it was finally completed and recorded with commentary by King Wen, and his son, the Duke of Chou. This system of three unbroken(Yang) or broken(Yin) lines, in various combined stages, represent the 8 basic forces of nature- heaven, earth, water, fire, mountain, lake, thunder, wind. These 3 lines, or trigrams as they are called, are doubled to create a possible total of 64 6-line hexagrams. Each hexagram represents an answer or a situation, with changing lines often occuring to produce an additional hexagram to supplement the first hexagram; the first hexagram is indicative of the original situation, the second hexagram benefitting from the first to produce the goal situation. Since no one situation stays the same, it will always change until it occurs once again. That is the basis of I-Ching, hence the name "The Book of Changes".
Who uses I-Ching, and why?
I-Ching is consulted by people from all walks of life- White collar and blue collar professionals, celebrities, college professors, students, housewives(and househusbands), the young, the elderly, etc. Why? As the world's oldest, survivng intact oracle, its wisdom offers an alternative means of helping people to reach their full potential, searching for answers to solutions which may be elusive through conventional means,  looking for a new direction in life, or just getting a different perspective of life.
Does I-Ching really work?
I-Ching changed my life several years ago, after having reached a low point in my life. Shortly thereafter, I met an instructor who showed me a different outlook in life through the use of I-Ching, which I am practicing and still learning today. A well-known celebrity whom I had the fortune of giving a reading to was also impressed by the results that he encouraged me to offer it as a service to others, so here I am. I have personally consulted I-Ching quite often since then, and can say without reserve that it is an indispensible spiritual resource. I-Ching is not a fortune teller per se, but an oracle, offering wisdom and guidance for choosing  paths. Whatever the future may hold for us, is really up to god. If you think about it, when was the last time anyone has ever made a mistake in the future? As to claims that its inexplicable accuracy is due to some sort of intervention from the spiritual realm, I will say that I-Ching does speak to us through the human spirit, from the depths of our very own hearts.
What if you're interested in consulting a reading?
I charge a modest fee of $20 per 2-question session, which will be answered via e-mail on an individual basis. This is NOT one of those websites that charges $15-$20 and uses an automated javascript to produce the same prestored answers over and over again. Each of my readings are thouroughly and accurately conducted & typed in personally. Hexagram answers will be constructed through the reading of I-Ching cards, similar to that of Tarot. Answers for each question will include the following:
1. The identity of each card, and their symbolic meanings in nature.
2. A detailed interpretation of the corresponding hexagram, which may include an analysis into the meaning of one or more lines within the hexagram.
3. A recommendation on how to address the issue at hand, and correcting any existing problems.
4. An analysis of any changing lines, and interpretations of additional hexagrams resulting from the changing lines.
Questions posed in a form answerable in a subjective manner will yield a much clearer result than that of a "yes or "no" type question. For example, instead of asking "Will I find a soulmate anytime soon?", try using "What actions should I take if I want to find a soulmate anytime soon?".
If interested, be sure to include in the PayPal dialog box or by e-mail your questions to be asked, along with 6 random numbers per question(a total of 12 per $20 session). Each number must be within a range of 1 to 8(i.e. 6,5,5,2,8,1 -- 4,6,8,3,5,5). This is to determine the 6 rounds of random Tarot drawings per question. For example: With the numbers 6,5,5,2,8,1, I would draw a card faced down from the 6th position, read it, throw it back into the mix, re-arrange them and then choose a card from the 5th position. This process is then repeated 4 more times, drawing cards from the 5th, 2nd, 8th, and 1st positions. It usually takes me about a few days or so to complete an analysis, so please be patient! Thank you!

Please use either of these safe and secure PayPal links to make payments for I-Ching consultations.
Be sure to include in the PayPal dialog box below, or via e-mail your questions, and 6 random numbers per question(total of 12 per $20 session), each ranging between 1-8 (i.e. 6,5,5,2,8,1 -- 4,6,8,3,5,5).

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